GITI Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement… April 2010

GITI Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement… April 2010

Wednesday 21st April 2010

GITI Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Micheldever

GITI Tire group of companies (that is GITI Tire and Indonesian manufacturing arm PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk) have appointed Micheldever Tyre Services as exclusive PCR, LTR and 4×4 distributor for the company’s GT Radial and Runway Enduro tyre brands in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Previously GT Radial and Runway Enduro were distributed by Compass Group.

According to the companies, the agreement was completed recently at a signing ceremony held at the head office of Micheldever Tyre Services, attended by Micheldever CEO Paul Fox, GITI Tire (UK) Ltd general manager Richard Lyons and Tim Chesney managing director of Compass Group. Tim Chesney commented: “We have worked very closely and successfully over many years with the GITI Group; to market and promote the two brands. We believe, for the mutual benefit of all parties, it is now time to hand the baton to Micheldever Tyre Services, a long term customer of Compass Group and the leading tyre distribution and retail company in the UK.”

Tim Chesney continued: “Micheldever is certainly uniquely placed to build on the established success that we have recorded for both brands in the UK tyre market. We extend our very best wishes to both the GITI Tire group and Micheldever Tyre Services, in the certain knowledge that both brands will continue to prosper.”

Paul Fox added: “We are delighted to continue progressing the success of both GT Radial and Runway Enduro. Both brands are well established within the mid range and value sector markets respectively.

“We (GITI Tire Group) are very pleased to have appointed Micheldever Tyre Services as our exclusive distribution partner. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Chesney and Compass Group for their dedication and commitment over the years in establishing GT Radial and Runway as leading tyre brands in the UK,” Richard Lyons concluded.

This article appeared in the April 2010 issue of Tyrepress